All our communities across the country continue to face the challenge of millions of youth without basic skills and a means of livelihood. This problem has created venues for many social vices and evil amongst the youth. Our VTC program enables youth who are unable to continue with further education due to various challenges gain meaningful skills for self-employment and secure jobs in the local or national industry as well as providing a pathway to career progression.

Vocational training program is a new initiative that the organization has introduced the last one year that will enable many youths in our community to gain skills that will enable them to start own businesses and even get employed in the local industries.

Through the VTC program, Arc Kenya will strive to continue supporting innovative approaches to strengthening mastering of vocational training, access to real practical skills, adoption and transformation of our youth who drop out of school or can’t proceed with higher education due to various challenges.  Our vocational training focuses on holistic development of children and youth into productive members of society as well as strengthening service delivery systems at the local level. The theme of this kind of training places emphasis on a multi-stakeholder approach to education & youth programming, capacity development, policy enhancement and promotion of entrepreneurship for out-of-school youths. Arc Kenya will continue to sensitize our community on the importance of vocational training, enhance our curriculum, offer more career guidance and establish more production units for sustainability of the institution and to improve the lives of our people. Since the establishment in the year 2017, total number 46 students have been enrolled and on-going with training in different trade lines being, Carpentry and joinery, Fashion design and garment making, Solar and electricity Installation and Hair dressing and beauty.

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