Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Arc Kenya promotes environmental protection and management by working with local communities and schools to plant and grow trees within Bondo sub-county. Over the last 6 years a total of more than 300,000 (Three hundred thousand ) timber and fruit trees have been planted in the individual farms, schools, govt lands and at Aro D.C. Farmers have benefited from harvested trees and fruits which have added extra income to their pockets and improving their living standards.

We also want to appreciate the support from Yara East Africa who had initially supported us with both fertilizers and financial support which enabled the promotion of planting and growing of both timber trees and fruits crops (Grafted mangoes and avocado), a project which was successfully undertaken with both the local communities and primary schools within Bondo sub-county.

The pictures below show forest growing at Mawere land overlooking river Abom. Three acres of land have been dedicated to growing trees by Arc-kenya courtesy of support from Sirdal Kommune in Norway who has been supporting the organization to plant at least 5,000 yearly.

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