The less fortunate children within the surrounding community are sponsored  by the ARO Childcare Program. Our Scholarship goes along way to take the children through pre-school to higher level of education. Currently we have 14 children in high school, 106 in primary, 2 in the university and 2 students sat for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and attained B+ grades that qualifies them to join university this year. Sponsored pupils/students are provided with school uniform, stationery and school levy/fees.



Computer Training at ARO

ARO facility also provides partial computer scholarships,

Computer Technology was introduced at ARO in January 2007. This was meant to bring the benefits of the information revolution to disadvantaged groups in rural areas who lack access to any form of electronic networks. It aims to utilize information for capacity building as a way of accelerating socio-economic development.

The goal for information technology was to deliver revolutionary breakthroughs in terms of giving the world's less fortunate access to global economy. The community uses these facilities for education, especially in information technology and establishing a "digital culture".

At the moment ARO has 7 laptop computers and we have started by training the ARO staff. The laptops have been donated to ARO by different people to enable the IT department grow. The organisation is very grateful for the support and donation.

From that humble beginning ARC Kenya now provides computer training to the large army of unemployed youths in a partial scholarship basis and also giving a chance to all its 130 children access to computer skills.

The classes include teaching basic computer literacy, keyboarding skills, word processing, graphics applications, spreadsheets, databases and other office skills classes. in session