The now known  as  Ang’ila   Rapul  Organization( ARO) Development Centre, was founded back  in the early 1990s following sudden death of a lady from the Community, whose name was  Margaret  Rapul  aged  about 28years old by the time of her death just a day after  delivery at Siaya District Hospital. Her new born baby also died moments later.The late Rapul

The late  Rapul ,was  a lady from  Kamlwang’  clan and was married in  Alego -Kogelo  where  the two bodies were buried  .During  her  time at  home in  Kamlwang’, the  late  Rapul  developed interest in  knitting  and joined   Majiwa  Women Modern Weavers Group which was  started on 27th July 1982 with  4 Women as brainchild of the  program  ,thereafter  it expanded  to 15members. The idea was brought about by  Mr Kjellan  who asked the Women  start a project which could engage them in an income generating activity as he was due  to go back for Norway.


Due for delivery , she  developed labor pains that forced  two ladies to   approach a visiting  Norwegian volunteer teacher at  Majiwa  Secondary  School ,Mr Kjellan  for transport   to  Bondo  Sub- District Hospital .He left her  at the hands of the doctors. Moments later, Doctors  at Bondo , after learning  the condition  was not manageable there, she was then referred to  Siaya District Hospital for  further  treatment .During  that period ,transport was a

problem as well as roads had potholes ,muddy (after rains) and in the villages ,large paths serving  as local roads  were  impassable after rain. Therefore, rescuing an emergency case was not easy; one had to delay for some times.


the impassable pathways in the village

Mr   Kjellan , a volunteer  teacher ,who left for Norway the following day after helping  the patient up to Bondo Hospital, learnt of  the death of  Margaret   Rapul  and her new born baby, the next day upon reaching  Norway. He was deeply touched by the sad news that Ang’ila and her baby had both died.    He then brainstormed for an alternative idea that was in order to solve the problem of such kind , in which he suggested  setting up a Maternity  facility nearby to help  Women during  delivery. After consulting his friends and discussion with some of the Majiwa Women Weavers group, the  idea was welcomed by the group members who jointly with other community members , agreed to look for a land next to the late Margaret   Rapul to build the proposed Health facility.



 For purposes of unity, the Clan members jointly with Women Weavers  group ,agreed that  the hospital  be named(in memory of the late girl);  Ang’ila  Rapul Centre (ARC) and  later the name was Changed  as  Ang’ila  Rapul  Women Nursing Home and  Maternity .It was then registered on 18thNovember 1996 by Ministry of Health. The names:  Rapul  and    An’gila   referred  to two Elders(grandparents) in  Kamlwan’g  Clan and it united the members as they felt  the ownership of the louboutin schuhe project.


On 19thAugust1993, the Constructions was   launched just next to home of the late Margaret Rapul  .A Memorial Stone was built in the Site.

Three years   later  on  24th August 1996  ,the Maternity Hospital was operational as Community could come for the services  offered .  Later, the  Hospital  was  Officially  opened   on  5th  September 1998 ,by  the  then    Ammbassador, Mr   PerJ  Haugestad.                                            

Following   this official opening, interest grew and a number of development activities were initiated  e g; Training of Nurses ,Change Agents  trainings,   Poultry ,Modern  weavers  and etc. Thereafter, the community  decided to change the name as ARO Development Centre ,this change of  name came about for reasons of registration by the department of Children’s Services  which  was done on 12thJuly 2005.