Baby Fred Otieno

A case was reported to child protection help desk by ARC-Kenya staff concerning a child who was neglected by the family members and left to struggle on his own.

Upon intervention by the ARO child protection team who visited the home, 3-year-old Fred Otieno was found in a pathetic situation.

Fred sat down next to the door and was peeping through the door to see if anyone was passing bye to say hello. When he heard our voices he greeted “oyawore” meaning “good morning” of which we responded “oyawore ahinya” meaning “good morning to you.”

The area around was so quiet and bushy and the two of us could not hold our tears as we engaged little Fred in talking. Thoughts of “what if” crossed our minds like swords in a tribal clash.

We imagined of snake, wild dog, and hyenas attacking the lonely child who had informed us that he was always left alone in the house sometimes locked in  and sometime left with the door open. We could not get him out of the house as the door was locked from outside by pad lock.

I informed the area Chief who responded and joined us the following day. This time the door was opened and baby Fred was looking at us as the only hope to rescue him. He had serious jiggers infection and was emaciated, dirty and shaggy.   The Chief carried the little Fred with feces smeared on the legs and clothes an indication that Fred went for short and long calls within the house. He took him to Bondo district hospital where he was admitted. You should buy authentic christian louboutin online.

Chief came back to look for the mother who worked in local pub as waiter. He took her to Bondo district children’s office where she was questioned and warned of serious consequences if she did not take care of her children. She was ordered by the DCO to go and care for her child at the hospital and that a close monitoring to be done by ARO child protection.

Fred came out of the hospital after two days and behold, there was already a difference as he looked better.

ARO child protection has since worked in collaboration with the DCOs office in helping baby Fred to find more reasons to live by counseling and teaching the mother on her responsibilities and the rights of children like Fred.

It is with great joy that we celebrate the life of Baby Fred and his siblings since the mother listened and changed her attitude from neglecting her children to being a child protector and caretaker.