Tree Planting

In the year 2010 ARC Kenya introduced a tree planting program within north Sakwa location and so far a lot have been achieved. We promote both fruit crops i.e improved mangoes, avocados and timber trees for environmental conservation and economic benefits to the farmers. We work with all school, farmers, CBOs and FBOs within our area of operation to promote tree planting in their communities. This program has been supported by YARA East Africa, Sirdal Kommune and ARC Aid Foundation.      Click Here for Tree Planting



At the ARO center we provide tractor services at subsidized price to the community. The main aim of this project is to empower the community agro-economically in expense of making profit. little fee we charge for the service is used to maintain the tractors.
The tractor has changed greatly the agricultural practice of the community around us:


Going Green

It has been proved over the years that solar energy is the next big thing in terms of clean energy and environmental conservation purposes.
ARC-Kenya advocates the use of solar energy to the surrounding community by enlightening them on the advantages of going green and environmental conservation efforts that comes with it.

In addition the organization also avails the solar equipments at a surbsidised price to the community and also offers them as a short term loan at the community owned ARO Green SACCO.
The solar equipments are supplied by two companies D-Light and One Degree solar sysems.

The solar project has created a great positive impact to the community as it has:

  • Left an extra coin in their pockets which initially was used to buy Kerosine
  • Solar energy has proven to be very healthy and clean energy as compared to parrafin.
  • Children can now read that extra hour in the night due to availlability of clean light energy that does not cause mind exhaustion.

The community at large appreciates this project and thanks the ARO management coming up with that idea.


Borehole Project

We realized that the women and children spends a lot of time going to fetch water from the river, the water also take time to purify for consumable standard.
We therefore initiated our Donor SANA who facilitated the Funds to sink a borehole within the ARO center.
The borehole is 75m deep and can produce large amount of water with a large tank at the top. Currently the borehole only supplies water at the center but we are planning to build a water kiosk within the vicinity for the whole community to have access to clean water.

The water from the borehole is also expected to be used in irrigation to end the agricultural seasoning system. This is aimed at facilitating all year round food production to enhance food security.

The water from the borehole is supplied by a electic pump within the center.