Rescue Mission Case Study

One girl named Mary Atieno aged 17yrs was rescued from early marriage in Seme Koruenje (Kisumu County). This was her second marriage in a period of 6 months. When schools reopened in January 2017, she was not seen in class, a situation which prompted the headmaster to find out where she was.

Upon receiving information concerning Mary, child protection team took the initiative of searching for her with the assistance from the guardian and a well-wisher but didn’t succeed because she had changed places of residence 3 times.

Mary was later located in Gem Kambare in Siaya county married to a man of 60 years of age  and who wasn’t aware that she was still learning and was in school.

After a fact-packed discussion with both Mary and her “husband” he felt sorry for what had taken place and agreed to let her go back to school. To Mary this was a God sent mission long awaited for.

“This is the day i have been waiting for” said Mary.

The child Mary was brought back to her guardian at Lwala village. The school authorities (Lwala primary) were thankful and appreciated the efforts made by the child protection program within the region.

A week later, the school head teacher joined child protection officer (Joseph Odembo) to a follow up visit to Mary’s home and were welcomed with joy and appreciation for what had transpired.

Mary is now back to school and in class 7 .Thanks to the head teacher who proved to be very concerned and supportive to an extent of providing her with stationery. Child protection department also provided her with pens for writing.