Through our environmental awareness and protection program, Arc Kenya has resolved to strengthen our resolve to protect, preserve and improve our environment by employing alternative energy or clean energy initiatives that seek to provide the local community with solar lamps, energy saving cooking stoves etc. We also promote tree planting and growing to conserve the environment. In the last few years we have managed to increase the forest cover in our community by more than 120,000 trees. These include both timber and fruit trees.

We believe that environmental sustainability will provide major opportunities to deliver better lives for our people in addition to supporting economic development. Arc Kenya is currently strengthening its engagement at both national and local level together with its partners to protect and conserve the environment. This will be achieved through training the community members, CBOs and other groups, sensitization seminars, tree planting/growing and establishment of tree nurseries through partnership with local communities.

Going forward, our priorities in protecting and conserving the environment will be to strengthen Arc Kenya policy and guidance on environmental sustainability as a cross-cutting issue in many sectors of the community’s economic activities and livelihoods. We will also incorporate environmental sustainability management in our organization to better plan and entrench environmental initiatives that best suit our communities. The organization also seeks to hold more tree planting events to encourage people to plant, grow trees and discourage cutting down of trees without replacement.

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