Arc Kenya through its Child care and scholarship program, has been identifying and locating OVCs in Western Kenya region to ensure they are in healthy and are able to attend school. Providing young children with access to quality early childhood development, care and primary education.
Children’s futures depend on their early years. They need loving caregivers and safe homes, intellectual stimulation, social and educational opportunities, good nutrition and health care. Without a stable, caring and supportive environment to grow up in, a child will not grow and develop properly. Arc Kenya’s childcare program ensures that the youngest children start their lives in the conditions they need to live up to their full potential from the beginning despite the many challenges that our children from the Nyanza and the entire western region face due to poverty.
Generally, poor access to healthcare and low standards of health are dangerous issues facing children worldwide because they are particularly vulnerable to the effects of poor health, whether they stem from malnutrition, communicable diseases or birth defects. Investing in better childcare programs in developing countries is vital to helping families break the cycle of poverty. Arc Kenya supports community-based childcare projects to address children’s needs from infancy to young adulthood and ensure they get an education.
Over the years we have enabled children to access education at primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. Education is the ultimate empowerment tool for children, their families and communities to survive and recover from problems related to poverty and gain prosperity. This has been achieved through enhancing early childhood education through enrolment in public schools, providing them with proper nutrition, sensitization, habitation, psycho-social support and counseling, medication both preventive and curative provision of school requirements and levies for needy children, refurbishing library for remedial studies at the project center (ARO Development Centre ). Other key project supported measures include child to child tracking, school parent association trainings, teacher training on child friendly school environment and Caretakers training on better parenting practices. Arc Kenya has also been providing OVCs from the region with scholarships to enable them further their education. The students are enrolled in public primary schools, both private and public colleges and universities in Kenya.
A total number of about 2000 have so far benefited from Arc Kenya childcare and support from the beginning to date. As of now, a total of 64 children are in pre-primary and primary schools, 33 in secondary schools, 7 in colleges and universities and a total of 6 are in vocational training institutions.
We want to appreciate all the well-wishers who have supported the children through education, clothing, feeding and home support.

Children in various schools under childcare program

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